A First

Where do I start?

So around 2006/ 2007 I found myself in a hot tub party with some friends of ours.

These were …um…”special” / “open” friends, who we fooled around with back when we first opened up our marriage. There were a few “new” people with us that night, one of which was this attractive guy in his mid twenties that sat next to me. He was really interested in my wife and our dynamic so he asked a lot of questions. I thought he was just interested in fooling around with my wife but as I later discovered, he was interested in something completely different.

After a little fooling around with one of them women in our group, he started talking with me again.  Next thing I know, his leg pushed up against mine.  I didn’t mind.  Soon his hand rested on my thigh. I still didn’t mind.  With all that was going on in that crazy tub – people stew –  I was already partially aroused.  He worked his hand up and soon I was on the recieving end of a hand job from this guy.  It was occurring in a dimly pool, under the water and we were on the opposite side of the little stairway so it was strangely private.  Not to mention that everyone’s attention was drawn to some of the other shennanigans going on at the time.  I put my head back and enjoyed it.  The orgasm was intense and explosive.  Whoa.

I don’t know how anyone didn’t notice me having that, some things you can’t hide! Yeah that hot tub filter was earning it’s keep that night! HA!

I really really wanted to reciprocate… and for just a moment I got to touch and caress another man’s erect cock. It was electric. Unfortunately things happened and I didn’t get the opportunity to….reach the finish line.  My head was swimming… All I could think of for the rest of the evening was oh my god, I really wanted to give him a blow job. Wait a minute….I’m straight, surrounded by naked and willing women.  Whaat?? Up until earlier this year I kept this little part of me a secret. I wasn’t sure how to process it, am I really Bi or maybe I was just caught up in the sexual heightened state we were in.

Maybe I was just curious as a result of my wife’s orientation?

No I really wanted to wrap my lips and tongue around a luscious, erect, fleshy, thick, veined cock and feel him gush warm, creamy boy cum in mouth.  That’s not a very straight thing to do.

Well things continued unfolding over the course of a few years and I reached a point where I was comfortable with assigning a label to my cravings.  As a result of some strange circumstances I found myself at a critical point and my wife and I were having a discussion of a fairly intimate nature and I finally let the cat out of the bag.  It was not the big eyebrows to the sky reaction I expected, but it was very liberating.  To date, the hot tub situation has been my one and only same sex experience.

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