Hello World

First blog post.  Aren’t you excited?

Why am I here?

Earlier this year I came out to my wife that I am bisexual.  This has been building since my early twenties and peaked a few years ago when I had my first sort of sexual encounter with another guy.  My wife is also bi.  We’ve been together for 16+ years. We have also wandered into the waters of nonmonogamy. I have many interesting proclivities in regards to my sexuality and unfortunately I really don’t have an outlet for them.  My wife is also in a cycle of low….er….non-existatnt libido.  It is a work in progress though.

I am only “out” to my wife and a few internet friends.

A conversation about my sexuality recently started with one of these friends and I realized that blogging this  might be therapeutic and might lead to meeting others with similar tastes & situations.

So here I am.

This blog will contain very sexual content, so if that is not your thing, move along.


3 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hey!
    i really like your blog and the few intimate details we have been privy too! I too started a blog to let things out of the bag. honestly though, reading your blog had made me decide to let a few more things out of the bag:)

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