Up, down or in between?

So after a good bit of reading, it seems that in gay culture (male centric) identifying as “top”, “bottom” or “versatile” is kind of a big deal.  Something I never thought about before and initially I don’t like the idea of being boxed into a category.  One of my internet friends asked me this question so i considered it further.

Initially my sexual interests with other men was mostly oral.  I have always enjoyed anal sex with my wife as (naturally) a “top”.  A very intimate and different sensation. My recent experience of being a “bottom” with my wife may have created a proverbial monster.  lol.

After some thought, as I answered my friend, bottom is definitely my preference.  Keeping in mind, a great deal of trust and intimacy with someone would have to transpire first before I would consider that.  But there it is.

On that note, bottoms up!


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