Monogamy is Unnatural

I always found it interesting that in the Bible, Eve was the one who gave into temptation.  First, let me be clear – I am not a Christian.  I was born into a very conservative Christian family…but I had issues with many of the logical fallacies and the widespread hypocrisy — “do as I say not as I do”.

From an outside perspective, it appears that because Eve cannot control herself, the idea of Patriarchy was subtly developed in the beginning of the Bible.  Men have to be in control or these sex crazed creators of life will be on a rampage.

The idea of monogamy is just that …an idea.  A social construct developed as a means to organize and control property and the raising of children among people in post-tribal agrarian societies.  There are  scientific studies that show humans are not naturally inclined to monogamy.  But naturally people can and will argue that the sky is not in fact blue.  The biggest proof that this is not a natural tendency are humans themselves.  Just look at the hetero divorce rate.  Not to mention the world’s oldest profession –legal & not depending on the state you are in, and the number of strip er….I mean…”Gentlemen’s clubs” you can find in nearly every U.S. city.

“In response to surveys, 25 to 50 percent of American men report having had at least one episode of extramarital sex. The numbers for women are perhaps a bit lower, but in the same ballpark.” (Barash 2001)

The traditional Western/Christian view has been that women are naturally monogamous and men are polygamous.  Researchers/Scientists at Harvard are saying otherwise.  Could it be that the subjugation of women (since the dawn of time) may have had something to do with that particular view?

In Western culture, cheating is even a quietly acceptable practice.  In fact, I’ve seen men high five each other for their infidelities.  Cheating also seems to be less taboo than open relationships/ marriage.  I am in a much more honest situation with my spouse than most men dare to be.  I think that is a scary prospect for some.

Is it human nature to beat ourselves up for reaching an ideal for the sake of “endurance”?

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