Unfortunately, I’ve had some major projects come up the past couple of months, so time for stuff like this blog has been non-existent.  Fortunately for my sanity,  things have begun to slow down.

If not for this big project I would have liked to have participated in this year’s Nanowrimo event – specifically with some erotic fiction in mind.  I’ve begun drafting an idea in my head that encompasses several of my kinks and cravings.  Female/Male gender roles, Cuckolding, Female infidelity, bisexuality, the breaking of gender/societal norms in human sexuality, etc.

Then it occurred to me…why wait until next year?  Just start now.  If it reaches a certain level of quality, perhaps I would even look into a self publishing avenue.  Or I just use it to exercise my dirty mind quietly.  There are so many other things I would love to occupy my mind with other than the current life stuff….okay.  Now I’ve posted it, now I just have to do it.

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