Getting to Know the Cuckold

Here is a link to an academic survey/study on this subject –

Good to know that I fit the profile!

He is likely to have been initially drawn to Cuckolding by arousal experienced at the idea of
his wife having sex with another man, and his lust and passion for his wife is increased after
she has been with another man, a response say researchers into the male brain caused by
the stimulation of mating hormones.

He is also most likely to be bisexual or at least bi-curious, whether he articulates that to his
partner or not.

Cuckolds report having sex with their wives in roughly the same number as the population
surveyed in the Kinsey Reports, which is at odds with a general perception that they are
denied marital sex. However they consider themselves to need more mental, visual and
aural stimulation than other men and say they enjoy masturbation and fantasy more than
actual sex.

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