My first encounter with silky seconds

Cuckold Confession

I got the text message from her at around midnight:

“Going to another bar with friends now, will be home really late.  Don’t wait up for me…”

Our relationship had been going through a bit of a rough patch.  She was blowing off some steam with some friends, we’d been arguing about things, our sex life, not spending enough time together.  The kinds of things serious couples argue about.  I grabbed a glass wine, and fell asleep in our bed wondering…

I was awoken after dawn.  My fiancée slowly turned the door handle and stumbled into our apartment.  Trying to be quiet, but clearly drunk and disoriented.  I kept my eyes closed as I heard her walk across the studio apartment to her closet, drop her dress and change into a cotton negligee.  See through pink cotton… I loved that outfit.   She tiptoed to the bed, pulled the duvet…

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