Not Without My Wife

Some more great info on the topic here:


When a man continues to have sex with his
wife, it is commonly reported that his sexual
enjoyment is the most extreme if he is able to
have sex with her immediately after she has
had sex with another man. This is reported as
being far more intense and erotic than day-to-
day sex and anecdotally many cuckolding
husbands love to see evidence of sexual
activity after their wives have been with
another man.

SO true!

the erotic thrill is tied to the
intense humiliation they feel in knowing what
their wives are doing while they wait patiently
at home. The need for humiliation can be so
strong that some men insist on performing
oral sex on their wives afterwards (known as
clean-up duty or a creampie), reporting a
deep thrill in going ‘sloppy seconds’ that is
more pleasurable than having penetrative
sex. Some men do this as a way of showing
appreciation to the wife for having had sex
with another man, an attitude that is at odds
with the view that cuckolding is done with the
woman’s pleasure in mind.


For the man who has homosexual fantasies or
is bi-curious, homoerotic thrills can be
enjoyed by proxy, as watching his wife in the
act provides a husband with the opportunity
to experience homosexuality vicariously.
When they are allowed to be physically
present, some men will give oral sex to the
wife’s sex partner or touch him under the
guise of pleasing the female partner; but they
do not consider this a homosexual activity.


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