Cuckold and submission fantasies

Cuckold Confession

Do cuckolding and submission go together?  I suppose based on most of the erotica sites I’ve explored.  Well, yes, I’ve got a thing for women’s legs and high heels. Who wouldn’t?  And the sight of a pair of soft feet in sharp high heels would reduce most men to silent fantasizers.  It is true that admiring feminine legs, heels and feet is often associated with devotion, which is so close to submission.  Fair enough, but that does that make one somehow less of a man?

I am not into denial, I am certainly not into celibacy for my lover.

My wife doesn’t want to me to roll over for her and am I am happy not to have to.

Sure, cuckolding is linked with worship.  And that is really close to submission isn’t it?  So what’s the problem?

Perhaps I am just uncomfortable with the idea of cuckolding being so…

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