Masturbation; You’re Doing It Wrong

The Big Dick Chronicles

A recent survey indicated that approximately 80% of men ages 30-39 masturbate…. and the other 20% lied about it. That makes jerkin the gerkin about as common as breathing. As a college buddy once told me, “we talk about masturbation like we talk about the weather” and that’s what we’re going to do today.

Here at the Big Dick Chronicles, we talk about ways to improve your awesomeness. If there was ever a topic that seemed to straddle the line between Big Dick and beta schlub, it is the topic of masturbation. While nearly every guy does it, it tends to fall in the same category as picking your nose; yes, you’re going to do it, just don’t do it where anybody can see you and don’t tell anyone about it.

So, is there a way to turn your regular, lonely,  Tuesday night game of pocket pool into a feat…

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