My Favorite Cream Pie is definitely NOT Vanilla

I have an oral fixation.  I’m also fixated on boy cum.

I do love kissing my wife after oral sex and love the taste of semen on her lips.  I want more.

After some reading, I have learned that there are names for these kinds of things.


This is where you ejaculate into your partners mouth,  who then kisses you and passes it back to orally, essentially…. cumming in your mouth.  The mere thought has me squirming in my seat.




Funny slang for a post-intercourse semen filled vagina….and yes the idea of going down on my wife after sex and having dessert makes me dizzy and weak in the knees. The benefits, the least of which, is not having a wet spot (or as big of one) on the bed, post-coitus.  This has been the focus of recent “solo” fantasies of mine.  I have found some porn that is dedicated to this particular fetish that I indulge in regularly.


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