Infidelity Fantasies?

I seem to have regular fantasies about my wife cheating on me.  Maybe because I know she won’t, because she doesn’t need to. Regardless, I create interesting bird’s eye view scenarios that get me off in a matter of minutes.  Curious to hear from other men regardless of orientation, that also have infidelity fantasies from this perspective.


3 thoughts on “Infidelity Fantasies?

  1. I am interested in knowing how you define cheating? If it is done with your knowledge and your consent then it is not cheating. At least from my experience knowing about it in advance is much more erotic than being told, when you least expect it, that she was unfaithful to you.

  2. Good point…it is more like a psychological game than reality. It’s kind of like consensual [non-consent fantasies where the excitement lies in the struggle. As far as I’m concerned my wife is welcome to indulge sexually with whomever she wishes (we have some rules and ethics of course) so “cheating” really isn’t a thing. I’m just curious if there are other men out there that share my same twisted perversions.

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