Getting to Know the Cuckold Fantasist

In April of 2011 I created a survey (using tools) intended to gather data
on men who self-identified as ‘cuck wannabes’, men who are aroused by the fantasy of
being a cuckold (see definition below), but do not live this lifestyle. I was helped in
constructing this survey by a self-acknowledged cuckold, which ensures the questions were
relevant to the target group. This survey ran for 8 weeks and was advertised on my website,
on Facebook, via Twitter and on specific Cuckolding websites such as and The response rate was excellent, with 680 men in total participating.

The intention in doing this work was to contribute to the body of knowledge on the practice
of Cuckolding and to determine if there are any common characteristics shared by men who
are attracted to this lifestyle. I constructed this survey in consultation with Steve, an
American who has been previously been a cuckold. While he does not live as a cuckold in his
current relationship, it remains an ongoing source of arousal for him and his advice on the
type of questions that are relevant to an erotic interest in Cuckolding were of great value.


Click here for the article: fantasy-cuckold-survey

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