My Oral Fixation


I’m imagining you.

In front of me.

Naked skin.

Pale and shaved clean.

Warm to the touch.

I run my hands up your thighs envying the tight cut lines of your thigh muscles.


Slowly my hands converge onto your aroused member.  It grows erect in my hands.  I feel you twitching as I begin to rub and stroke you.  I desperately want to engulf the fleshy head into mouth…

You lay down as I begin to stroke you, slowly at first,


Soon, a pearl colored bead of pre-cum emerges from your tip.  That is my cue as I welcome your swollen head into my mouth.  My head is swimming in your taste and aroma.  I try to imagine what it will feel like…to have you orgasm in my hands….cumming in my mouth.  The thought is dizzying.  Almost too much.


Soon your breath shotens…I feel a slight contraction in the lower part of you.  I seal you in mouth while stroking up and down.  and then it happens….you explode in mouth. Spurting relentlessly.


It is sweet, silky, and slightly bitter all at once.  What I can’t swallow flows from my lips onto you as my hands work the last drop from you…all I can think is…..what next?


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