Girls don’t want flings

My Body, My Story

I ran into this idea a few weeks ago, that girls don’t want flings, either rarely or never.  The guy I was talking to was a date at the time, though that date was the last that I saw him.  Stands to reason.  I mean, you can take it as being honest, that all he said was “girls don’t normally want that type of thing.”  But you can also take it as being stupid.  And lumping me into a category with “all girls.”

But maybe he’s right.  Maybe most girls don’t put “short term fling” up on a dating website as the description of the type of relationship they want.  (I tried doing a quick and dirty search of and okcupid but I had to create a profile to do so and didn’t want to take the time.  So no un-scientific search results for you.  Just speculation.)  Or maybe…

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One thought on “Girls don’t want flings

  1. I really like your blog and only recently discovered it. We have a lot in common as I am also 40 (well 41) Bisexual and Married in an openish/hotwife/cuckold type relationship. I would love to email with you if you have any interest in a dialogue with a fellow introvert in a similar situation.

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