My Libido has a mind of it’s own.

Sexuality is weird.  Ok, my sexuality is weird as is evidenced by this blog!

I think what I mean is, libido.  For the most part, I have a fairly healthy libido.  Occasionally, it goes on vacation somewhere.  When it comes back it comes, it comes  back with a vengeance.  Then to make things more complexI have periods where men seem not so interesting and I think…hmmm maybe it is just a phase.

Then, like a month later, women seem boring and thick warm velvety erect cock is all I think about. But socially, I tend to get along with women better.  I need a road map. I am at the point where I figure I’m just going to be the passenger along for the ride in this strange vehicle.

Tonight I watched a tumblr video of this woman giving a man head.  All I could think was damn, I would like to be in her shoes right now!


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