Online Friends

Thanks to my blogging, I’ve come in to contact with other men who share similar interests.  I recently chatted with a 40 year old guy who was both bisexual and a cuckold fan.  After some back and forth and some approval from my lovely wife I engaged in some good old fashioned cybersex.  I have not done that in years.  Generally the idea bores me, but I’ve been building up to needing a release and this came along.

My wife recently has had a couple erotic exchanges over the net so I figured I was due.

Boy howdy.

I’ve been craving cock and semen like a 21 year old frat party girl.  LOL.

We spent a few hours exploring our favorite fetishes and fantasies.  Exchanged a few pics.  His wife knows that he’s bi and has helped him indulge in his cuckold fantasy on a couple of occasions.  He has only been with one guy and described his first experience giving head.  That did it….I went off like a damn geyser.

Then he told me about the first time his wife ‘cuckolded’ him.  He was forced to watch her and a male friend of her’s aware of their situation, have sex in front of him.  He was fully clothed and though he could touch himself, he was not allowed to have an orgasm until his wife gave him permission.  Let’s just say the requirement for his “permission” was that he had to orally clean her when they were done.  That did it….another eruption.  After 3 hours of this I felt about a thousand pounds lighter, 4 quarts low and i was able to get through the next day without thinking about my naughty bits.  Sweet Sweet relief!

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