Cuckold before dinner


A slight five o’clock shadow darkens your cheeks and somehow makes your goatee stand out more. Dark hair with traces of silver on the sides tousled from the wind, falling over your forehead giving you a bad boy edge. It’s slightly too long to be an immaculate GQ image, but it makes you look carefree and sexy. When you come around the corner to talk to me, your suit still looks like you just got ready to go out, instead of just arriving at home from work. You look crisp and comfortable and I am struck once again by just how incredibly handsome you are.

Women look at you. Tall, ex-athlete’s with a powerful build and a pretty face, tend to draw female attention. Straight, dark eyebrows over eyes the shade of green you see in newly growing valley’s, from a distance. Straight, white teeth and a big wide smile…

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