Perel of Wisdom

Routine is my nightmare.

It is so easy to fall into a pattern where your spouse/ S.O. becomes a domestic partner…a roomate…a utility…a fixture.

And it is not something that 1 party can fix, it requires the work of both. Well written on this topic!


I watched this TED talk, which put into words a few themes I had been mulling over. I complain a lot about how S isn’t “into” anything. Passions and interests make people attractive. Esther Perel went around the world asking people when they were most drawn to their partner. She found a large group of people who responded with something like this [taken from the TED talk transcript]:

“I am most drawn to my partner when I see him in the studio, when she is onstage, when he is in his element, when she’s doing something she’s passionate about, when I see him at a party and other people are really drawn to him, when I see her hold court. Basically, when I look at my partner radiant and confident, probably the biggest turn-on across the board.”

I made S listen to that part, trying to get him to see…

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