tarte à la crème

It is indeed an acquired taste.

But I do enjoy cum, semen, spunk, whatever you wish to call the warm silky pearlescent ejaculate that marks and celebrates the male orgasm.  I have always been strangely fascinated by it. This fascination began upon receiving my first blow job.  The girl who bestowed this honor upon me enjoyed it too.  I was blown away [pun intended] by how skillfully she swallowed every drop except for on final bit on the corner of her mouth.  She made a point of wiping it tactically with her ring finger and seductively licking it off as if to add an exclamation point at the end of her sentence.  “I made you cum, and I enjoyed it”.

This was so counter to every conservative female that surrounded me.  It haunted me.  Perhaps ruined me as I discovered later that not every woman enjoys eating sperm.  Really?  I have unconsciously kissed women post-oral and then realizing the sharp, sweet, mystical flavor of man on her lips was me….but I liked it.

If there was any clue to my bi cravings you would think this was it.

Later when my wife and I opened our marriage, one of the women I played with regularly had a special oral talent too.  It made me wild when she swallowed me and she knew it.  I get weak in the knees just thinking about it.

Naturally this road has lead me to this “creampie” fetish.  There is something about imagining another man’s cum tricking out of my wife’s sex after a nice romp that turns me on.  I would love to dive in and clean her with my tongue…exploring a new sensation for us both.

Hmmm…I think I better go now.  Something has

come up.



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