The wetness of a hotwife

Cuckold Confession

While making love to my wife last she whispered something that only a hotwife and her cuckold get to enjoy.

I had been gently giving her oral for a few minutes and as I entered her, I was pleasantly surprised at how wet and slippery she was and how easily my cock slid into her. As I leaned down to kiss her I told her I loved how wet she was.

She closed her eyes and moaned – thinking of someone else. She then whispered back the names of one of her former lovers and told me how he got her wetter than anyone else ever had.

Immediately the cuckold in me leapt out, like an animal in heat – thrusting away – trying to outdo the effect another man had done on my wife.

She came, her tight thighs trembling under me, within a few thrusts.

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