The Dangers of Swinging Both Ways

Equal Voice

So I was reading this article on Huffington Post on Friday when I came up with this week’s topic. The article (link) isn’t really anything special: it’s just a report of a statement by American comedian Margaret Cho where she said that she’d like to see more bisexual men coming out of the closet.

While this statement is commendable, it isn’t what caught my eye. You see, if you finished the article and are feeling brave, you may choose to scroll down to the comments section. There, you will find this dipshit:

Why did I bother blurring the name and thumbnail if it's on the website for all to see anyway?There is only one reply worthy of a comment this stupid

And that brings us to today’s topic: the discrimination bisexual individuals face not just at the hands of the usual right-wing nuts but from the very LGBTQIAP community as well.

That comment above is possibly the best example of biphobia I’ve ever had the misfortune to…

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