What Makes a Person BiSeXuAL?

Wait til You Get a Load of This

This is an ongoing debate between my ex and me. His stance is very cut and dry, black or white~just like his thinking on everything: that there’s no way a woman can be married for sixteen years as he and I have been, then decide she wants to be with women. I, on the other hand, have always considered myself to be bisexual; as early as age ten I kissed girls and I have always been more attracted to women then men. I have had many, many experiences with women and have found them to be the most enjoyable, memorable and, well…unforgettable. After a sixteen marriage, ten years which were pretty fantastic but the remaining six which were, to say the least, strained and at times, even unbearable; so I decided that my next relationship had to be with a woman. The reason? Number one, because in sixteen years I…

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