Status Quo, pt. 2


This post will make more sense if you read part one – linked above.

So this week we are approaching the 18th anniversary of our first date. I guess this explains why I’m looking back at things as well as the current situation. I remember back when sex wasn’t complicated. I think the most complicated thing was getting the condom on in the dark after a few rounds at the bar.  Seriously, in those days we had sex merely because the idea would occur to us.  I remember pulling her panties down from under her sundress and burying my face in her crotch on her mom’s loveseat (seriously) knowing full well her mom would be pulling in from her vacation at any moment.  Sure enough…we didn’t quite finish in time. I managed to get most of her daughter’s vaginal secretions off my face and washed my hands before I met her mom for the first time, but I suspect the scarlet flush from her daughter’s face told all.

Now, if both of us happen to be in the mood, healthy and physically capable,  then we have to deal with timing (often a narrow window) and kids and yeah…spontaneity is not ever really an option.  Also, a pity fuck is about as bad as no sex at all. Now I’m not saying this has ever been the case…(that I’m aware of) but having sex just for sake of doing it will actually kill my libido. I want to be wanted. If my partner is not into it…I certainly won’t be.

So here we are. She’s playing games on her phone before hitting the sack and I’m gearing up to chat with one of my “naughty” friends from fetlife to assist with relieving my filthy mind this evening.  I actually have about 5 or 6 online friends…male, female, and trans…that I chat, flirt with, exchange pics with, masturbate with and all that good stuff.

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