Status Quo

So,  the term “Sexual Politics”… now has meaning for me.

I’ve heard the term in my younger days, but it never really held meaning for me.  Fast forward into my 40s and an 18 year relationship / marriage and all the complexities of human relations,  and now I get it.  My sex life is about as functional as our Congress is.  In fact,  My wife and I have sex about as often as Congress meets… Which is about once a year if you want to avoid Googling that reference. Having said that,  I want to be clear that I am not assigning blame to my spouse,  I’m not even looking to assign blame at all.  it’s just a situation and one that has no clear solution. It just is. From what I’ve read this sort of thing happens a lot at this age and stage and can be a catalyst to infidelity and divorce.  Yeah,  good times. I have friends who have traveled down that road and I don’t intend to follow.

Unfortunately,  I have the libido from hell,  and my spouse has the direct inverse. You could even say she is asexual right now.  The universe has a sick sense of humor!

I have friends my age that are having ED issues already and are subscribing to Dr V.  for assistance there.  I can get still get hard from a stiff breeze.  I have to self stimulate almost daily for a little relief.

Sometimes I wish I was asexual… Because that would be easier to deal with than feeling like a dirty old man on a regular basis.

But this is how it is right now… Pretty much how it’s been since 2009,  2010 ish. But least I still have the internet.

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