Forced Fem

Lately I’ve been strangely fascinated with femboys.  I chat with a few online periodically and when I say chat I really mean one-handed-typing.  I’ve always been a fan of blurring gender lines – androgynous men have always drawn my attention and not necessarily in a sexual nature (at least I think).  More like an escape from the typical white anglo conservative manly man role I was raised into…or so they tried.

Does this mean I’m going to embrace my feminine side and start secretly wearing pretty panties, stockings and garters?  Probably not.  Crossdressing has never appealed to me.  Although, if I were in a BDSM scene being dominated by a woman and forced into doing that…that might could be interesting.

For me, presentation means a great deal…and that could be said of nearly anything in life.  Food, music, theater, art, business, etc. I am a big fan of lingerie and stockings/garter are a huge..huge fetish for me.  I found a tumblr blog full of photos of men masturbating on women’s stocking clad legs/feet and almost blew a blood vessel.  Unfortunately, this has never been a thing for my wife.  She barely had the patience for it in our younger days….and now it is not even a word in our vocabulary.  For me it’s the anticipation and the commitment of thought.  It’s the presentation. The wrapping paper. It provides mystery.  It induces desire.  It’s the idea that someone went through all the effort just to turn me into a quivering puddle on the floor at the sight of a garter tracing a bare thigh to where the lace and skin meets.  It’s play time.  It implies that were not going to just have a quickie before your mom calls or while the kids are out.  No…we’re going to be in it for the long haul.

So then there’s this:

and now I require some alone time.

tumblr_mnevjija1Y1ralnabo1_1280tumblr_nbgkvr7jXu1snkzgho1_500 tumblr_nl61s0IX6X1u0np13o1_500tumblr_nuxhdo1xBT1ur23y9o1_500



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