New Friend, pt. 2

I received some beautiful and naughty photos from my new friend tonight.  One hell of a surprise on my phone I was not expecting. Now we’re trying to sort schedules for a casual meet over coffee. Hoping that as many sparks fly in person as they have in text.

New friend?

I’ve been chatting and perhaps some light sexting with a local woman I met online. Cute, smart, funny, close to my age. I’ve talked about her to my wife. Vague hints have been dropping at interest in meeting in the real world.  We’ll see what happens. Spirits are up. Mostly it’s nice to feel desirable again.  I’ll take that.

All Things Being Unequal…


I was just reminded of something that’s rather important if you’re bisexual and in a relationship or you’re hooked up with a bisexual… and even if both of you are bisexual.  See, life, for the most part, is about balance or things being equal and more so when we’re talking about relationships.  There is a misconception that if you’re bisexual (or think you are, you know the rest), then you “obviously” like men and women equally, that your attractions are magically a 50-50 affair and, I’m guessing, because of the “bi” prefix.

And that’s so far from the truth it stopped being funny the first time someone assumed that bisexuals behave like this.  Yes, there are bisexuals who manage to have fully equal interest in men and women but that’s not how most bisexuals behave and, of course, the devil’s in the details.

If you’re wondering about your sexuality, trying…

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Fucket list

I should make a Fucket List myself…I have some similar threads on mine. In this list I have completed (some more than once) 1, 8, 19, 13 (started not finished), and 26.

Accidental Masturbator

Inspired by The Woman Invisible‘s sex bucket list, I thought I’d try to put togethter one of my own. I’ve vaguely thought about it in the past, but never got round to putting pen to paper, and at least one thing on the list is down to The Woman Invisible as she put the idea in my head.
So, in no particular order (and starting with something quite obvious), here goes …

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Forced Fem

Lately I’ve been strangely fascinated with femboys.  I chat with a few online periodically and when I say chat I really mean one-handed-typing.  I’ve always been a fan of blurring gender lines – androgynous men have always drawn my attention and not necessarily in a sexual nature (at least I think).  More like an escape from the typical white anglo conservative manly man role I was raised into…or so they tried.

Does this mean I’m going to embrace my feminine side and start secretly wearing pretty panties, stockings and garters?  Probably not.  Crossdressing has never appealed to me.  Although, if I were in a BDSM scene being dominated by a woman and forced into doing that…that might could be interesting.

For me, presentation means a great deal…and that could be said of nearly anything in life.  Food, music, theater, art, business, etc. I am a big fan of lingerie and stockings/garter are a huge..huge fetish for me.  I found a tumblr blog full of photos of men masturbating on women’s stocking clad legs/feet and almost blew a blood vessel.  Unfortunately, this has never been a thing for my wife.  She barely had the patience for it in our younger days….and now it is not even a word in our vocabulary.  For me it’s the anticipation and the commitment of thought.  It’s the presentation. The wrapping paper. It provides mystery.  It induces desire.  It’s the idea that someone went through all the effort just to turn me into a quivering puddle on the floor at the sight of a garter tracing a bare thigh to where the lace and skin meets.  It’s play time.  It implies that were not going to just have a quickie before your mom calls or while the kids are out.  No…we’re going to be in it for the long haul.

So then there’s this:

and now I require some alone time.

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Time for a change

I can relate to this.

Accidental Masturbator

If you know this blog well, Dear Reader, and have been dropping by regularly over the last month or so, you’ll know it’s been quiet round here recently. For various reasons I’ve been re-assessing why I write publicly and what I write about. I think it can all be summed up in the following ways:

  1. It’s fun. I’ve always enjoyed sex, and writing about it is almost as self gratifying as

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Status Quo, pt. 2


This post will make more sense if you read part one – linked above.

So this week we are approaching the 18th anniversary of our first date. I guess this explains why I’m looking back at things as well as the current situation. I remember back when sex wasn’t complicated. I think the most complicated thing was getting the condom on in the dark after a few rounds at the bar.  Seriously, in those days we had sex merely because the idea would occur to us.  I remember pulling her panties down from under her sundress and burying my face in her crotch on her mom’s loveseat (seriously) knowing full well her mom would be pulling in from her vacation at any moment.  Sure enough…we didn’t quite finish in time. I managed to get most of her daughter’s vaginal secretions off my face and washed my hands before I met her mom for the first time, but I suspect the scarlet flush from her daughter’s face told all.

Now, if both of us happen to be in the mood, healthy and physically capable,  then we have to deal with timing (often a narrow window) and kids and yeah…spontaneity is not ever really an option.  Also, a pity fuck is about as bad as no sex at all. Now I’m not saying this has ever been the case…(that I’m aware of) but having sex just for sake of doing it will actually kill my libido. I want to be wanted. If my partner is not into it…I certainly won’t be.

So here we are. She’s playing games on her phone before hitting the sack and I’m gearing up to chat with one of my “naughty” friends from fetlife to assist with relieving my filthy mind this evening.  I actually have about 5 or 6 online friends…male, female, and trans…that I chat, flirt with, exchange pics with, masturbate with and all that good stuff.