My Oral Fixation


I’m imagining you.

In front of me.

Naked skin.

Pale and shaved clean.

Warm to the touch.

I run my hands up your thighs envying the tight cut lines of your thigh muscles.


Slowly my hands converge onto your aroused member.  It grows erect in my hands.  I feel you twitching as I begin to rub and stroke you.  I desperately want to engulf the fleshy head into mouth…

You lay down as I begin to stroke you, slowly at first,


Soon, a pearl colored bead of pre-cum emerges from your tip.  That is my cue as I welcome your swollen head into my mouth.  My head is swimming in your taste and aroma.  I try to imagine what it will feel like…to have you orgasm in my hands….cumming in my mouth.  The thought is dizzying.  Almost too much.


Soon your breath shotens…I feel a slight contraction in the lower part of you.  I seal you in mouth while stroking up and down.  and then it happens….you explode in mouth. Spurting relentlessly.


It is sweet, silky, and slightly bitter all at once.  What I can’t swallow flows from my lips onto you as my hands work the last drop from you…all I can think is…..what next?


Not Without My Wife

Some more great info on the topic here:


When a man continues to have sex with his
wife, it is commonly reported that his sexual
enjoyment is the most extreme if he is able to
have sex with her immediately after she has
had sex with another man. This is reported as
being far more intense and erotic than day-to-
day sex and anecdotally many cuckolding
husbands love to see evidence of sexual
activity after their wives have been with
another man.

SO true!

the erotic thrill is tied to the
intense humiliation they feel in knowing what
their wives are doing while they wait patiently
at home. The need for humiliation can be so
strong that some men insist on performing
oral sex on their wives afterwards (known as
clean-up duty or a creampie), reporting a
deep thrill in going ‘sloppy seconds’ that is
more pleasurable than having penetrative
sex. Some men do this as a way of showing
appreciation to the wife for having had sex
with another man, an attitude that is at odds
with the view that cuckolding is done with the
woman’s pleasure in mind.


For the man who has homosexual fantasies or
is bi-curious, homoerotic thrills can be
enjoyed by proxy, as watching his wife in the
act provides a husband with the opportunity
to experience homosexuality vicariously.
When they are allowed to be physically
present, some men will give oral sex to the
wife’s sex partner or touch him under the
guise of pleasing the female partner; but they
do not consider this a homosexual activity.


Getting to Know the Cuckold

Here is a link to an academic survey/study on this subject –

Good to know that I fit the profile!

He is likely to have been initially drawn to Cuckolding by arousal experienced at the idea of
his wife having sex with another man, and his lust and passion for his wife is increased after
she has been with another man, a response say researchers into the male brain caused by
the stimulation of mating hormones.

He is also most likely to be bisexual or at least bi-curious, whether he articulates that to his
partner or not.

Cuckolds report having sex with their wives in roughly the same number as the population
surveyed in the Kinsey Reports, which is at odds with a general perception that they are
denied marital sex. However they consider themselves to need more mental, visual and
aural stimulation than other men and say they enjoy masturbation and fantasy more than
actual sex.

Being bisexual

Red Hot Rosaline

Note: This post was inspired by Girly Juice’s post on her bisexuality. Go check it out!

So I’m bisexual. Seems simple enough – I’m attracted to men and women. But being bisexual can get kind of complicated sometimes.

Why? Let me tell you.

1. People don’t believe you when you say you’re bisexual.

One of the first times I came out was when I was drunk at a party. The guy actually didn’t believe me, and so he said “You’re just feeling more flirty and cuddly right now.” So I said, “No, I legitimately am bisexual. Text me tomorrow morning and I’ll say the same thing.” And he was like “Oh, okay, cool.” And then we started talking about doctors for some reason. I know this happens too when people say bisexuality is just a phase (like being “bicurious”), or just a stepping stone to coming out as a…

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Up, down or in between?

So after a good bit of reading, it seems that in gay culture (male centric) identifying as “top”, “bottom” or “versatile” is kind of a big deal.  Something I never thought about before and initially I don’t like the idea of being boxed into a category.  One of my internet friends asked me this question so i considered it further.

Initially my sexual interests with other men was mostly oral.  I have always enjoyed anal sex with my wife as (naturally) a “top”.  A very intimate and different sensation. My recent experience of being a “bottom” with my wife may have created a proverbial monster.  lol.

After some thought, as I answered my friend, bottom is definitely my preference.  Keeping in mind, a great deal of trust and intimacy with someone would have to transpire first before I would consider that.  But there it is.

On that note, bottoms up!


A First

Where do I start?

So around 2006/ 2007 I found myself in a hot tub party with some friends of ours.

These were …um…”special” / “open” friends, who we fooled around with back when we first opened up our marriage. There were a few “new” people with us that night, one of which was this attractive guy in his mid twenties that sat next to me. He was really interested in my wife and our dynamic so he asked a lot of questions. I thought he was just interested in fooling around with my wife but as I later discovered, he was interested in something completely different.

After a little fooling around with one of them women in our group, he started talking with me again.  Next thing I know, his leg pushed up against mine.  I didn’t mind.  Soon his hand rested on my thigh. I still didn’t mind.  With all that was going on in that crazy tub – people stew –  I was already partially aroused.  He worked his hand up and soon I was on the recieving end of a hand job from this guy.  It was occurring in a dimly pool, under the water and we were on the opposite side of the little stairway so it was strangely private.  Not to mention that everyone’s attention was drawn to some of the other shennanigans going on at the time.  I put my head back and enjoyed it.  The orgasm was intense and explosive.  Whoa.

I don’t know how anyone didn’t notice me having that, some things you can’t hide! Yeah that hot tub filter was earning it’s keep that night! HA!

I really really wanted to reciprocate… and for just a moment I got to touch and caress another man’s erect cock. It was electric. Unfortunately things happened and I didn’t get the opportunity to….reach the finish line.  My head was swimming… All I could think of for the rest of the evening was oh my god, I really wanted to give him a blow job. Wait a minute….I’m straight, surrounded by naked and willing women.  Whaat?? Up until earlier this year I kept this little part of me a secret. I wasn’t sure how to process it, am I really Bi or maybe I was just caught up in the sexual heightened state we were in.

Maybe I was just curious as a result of my wife’s orientation?

No I really wanted to wrap my lips and tongue around a luscious, erect, fleshy, thick, veined cock and feel him gush warm, creamy boy cum in mouth.  That’s not a very straight thing to do.

Well things continued unfolding over the course of a few years and I reached a point where I was comfortable with assigning a label to my cravings.  As a result of some strange circumstances I found myself at a critical point and my wife and I were having a discussion of a fairly intimate nature and I finally let the cat out of the bag.  It was not the big eyebrows to the sky reaction I expected, but it was very liberating.  To date, the hot tub situation has been my one and only same sex experience.

Hello World

First blog post.  Aren’t you excited?

Why am I here?

Earlier this year I came out to my wife that I am bisexual.  This has been building since my early twenties and peaked a few years ago when I had my first sort of sexual encounter with another guy.  My wife is also bi.  We’ve been together for 16+ years. We have also wandered into the waters of nonmonogamy. I have many interesting proclivities in regards to my sexuality and unfortunately I really don’t have an outlet for them.  My wife is also in a cycle of low….er….non-existatnt libido.  It is a work in progress though.

I am only “out” to my wife and a few internet friends.

A conversation about my sexuality recently started with one of these friends and I realized that blogging this  might be therapeutic and might lead to meeting others with similar tastes & situations.

So here I am.

This blog will contain very sexual content, so if that is not your thing, move along.